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IG@work, the new digital platform connecting highly skilled specialists with industry and technology companies is now open!

  • The aim is to attract talent, from Greece and abroad and to support Greek enterprises and startups in finding specialized cadres.
  • 88 companies have already posted more than 400 job postings (here).

Attracting talent, finding highly specialized and experienced people, and connecting them with technology intensive, high-responsibility jobs is a key requirement for business growth.

IG@work is a user-friendly platform which collects quality jobs’ openings that are available in industry and tech startups, and connects them with people searching for repatriation opportunities, or simply for their next professional steps in Greece. Interested parties can search professional opportunities among the hundreds of postings on the platform which already counts more than 400 job postings from 88 companies.

The initiative aims to strengthen companies’ ability to access the people they need, while at the same time, it widens the employment opportunities for the high-level human capital, in Greece and abroad, to work for some of Greece’s largest industries and most dynamic startups.

IG@work is designed and run by SEV's Innovation Committee in cooperation with Workable and is part of the Innovative Greeks initiative. Access to the service is exclusively for SEV members and the Elevate Greece startups.

Marco Veremis, Chair of SEV’s Innovation Committee notes that: In 2020, SEV’s Innovation Committee launched the Innovative Greeks in order to mobilise the network of Greeks abroad and bring together inventive and innovative Greeks from all over the world. Today, we further strengthen the endeavour with IG@WORK in an effort to contribute to bringing back those young, capable Greeks who left the country during the economic crisis in search of better employment prospects. These young people stemmed from Greek society’s most productive segment, and the vast majority hold university degrees. Greece’s business community fully supports the initiative, and we firmly believe that it will create much value for all, and especially for innovating Greeks.

You can visit the IG@work platform here.

We would also like to thank all those who support the initiative and especially our Mega Sponsors Coca-Cola HBC and Coca-Cola Hellas, our Sponsors Pharmathen and Athenian Brewery and our Supporters ABB S.A., ELVIAL S.A. Sunlight Group – Energy Storage Systems, Hellas Gold, TITAN Group and RAYCAP S.A.

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