Interview with Evangelos Kotsonis, CEO and founder at e-satisfaction


Evangelos Kotsonis is the CEO and Co-Founder of Since 2010 he has been active as a digital entrepreneur, starting from founding Sleed, one of the most known Greek digital marketing agencies and continuing with,, and other similar ventures. He studied Informatics at the Athens University of Economics and Business and holds an MSc in Information Systems. Prior to starting his entrepreneurial journey, he has worked as an information security consultant, alongside research activity. We met with Evangelos and talked about e-satisfaction. Here’s what he told us.

Tell us a few things about e-satisfaction. How did it all start and what exactly does the company offer? helps large, complex, and multi-touchpoint organizations build and operate a solid, value-generating feedback program. Our feedback programmes help infuse a customer-centric mindset by engaging multiple stakeholders, from C-level to frontline employees and inevitably contribute to customer recovery & retention with the usage of our solution.

Our solution incorporates a mix of technology, consulting, and data analysis services that answer important business questions, such as “What do our customers say in their feedback” or “What are the main drivers that affect our customers’ satisfaction” and “How can we get value from this feedback and monetize it”.

Even though today we are working with enterprise customers from multiple industries (i.e., banking, automotive, health, retail, and government), started as a purpose-specific and industry-vertical solution. It all began almost nine years ago when Mrs. Xenia Kourtogloy, Co-Founder of and one of the most experienced professionals in the Greek market research landscape, raised a simple question. “How do customers feel when they shop online?”. This question was the beginning of our journey. The journey's first stop was a self-service tech solution specifically built for eCommerce through which online retailers could track a set of customer experience metrics and better understand customers they had never met.

Since then, several adjustments and iterations have brought us to become one of the most feature-rich feedback platforms available today and the dominant solution in the Greek market, having developed our own Text Analytics algorithms and combining tech with strong expertise in what can be defined as Feedback or Voice of Customer space.

What differentiates you from the industry? What value do you bring to the clients and partners?

The major differentiator and value we bring to clients are that our technology and consulting practice are built to connect feedback with operations. This connection is the missing link that makes it hard for most companies out there to link feedback to value. 

Our value in this is also pretty clear. We make feedback work. Our technology allows us to adjust to practically any organizational structure. By tapping into existing processes to capture feedback, triggering feedback response activities (a.k.a. close loop feedback actions), or integrating feedback in the company reporting, we practically hack customer centricity into the organization by infusing customer voice across all organizational levels, from C-level management to field operations.

What would you consider having been (or are) your biggest challenge so far?

As we have been around for more than eight years, the challenges we faced have been quite a few. The biggest challenge of all was to understand what the value we bring to the table is, and what are the types of organizations we bring this value to. This took as quite a while as we began in Greece as a solution for the eCommerce market; a shallow and small market, dominated by small enterprises or small teams. We have realized though, that our offering is (a) sector agnostic (all companies need feedback) and (b) service demanding since feedback is not part of everyday priorities yet, even in customer-obsessed organizations. This is where we want to jump in and help, which is another challenge we currently face, to make multiple levels of an organization alternate their daily working habits to follow a different approach and build a new corporate culture.

What are the biggest learnings from your journey so far?

The past 12 months have been a milestone for This happened because of a combination of changes, initially triggered by reaching out to our network, looking to find out about stuff we don’t know that we don’t know. This discovery came by talking to people with global expertise that gave us extremely useful insights plus a super strong boost that made us confident that we can be the global scale feedback company we envision.

If I had to summarize my biggest learning for this period, I would say“ask first, build later”.


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