Interview with Thanassis Sofianos of the Relevance fame


Relevance Digital is a growth consulting agency that leverages the power of data, technology, and design. It is one of the leading agencies in the world and recognized as a leading premier partner by Google and Facebook. Relevance is among the top 4% agencies in the EMEA region. Today we had the pleasure to sp[eak with CEO Thanassis Sofianos and learn more about Relevance and its success. Here's what he told us. 

Tell us a few things about Relevance. How did it all start and where are you today?

Relevance is a Google multi-awarded, fast-growing Digital Transformation and Performance Marketing Agency with a team of 90 Performance Marketing Experts, Designers, Developers, and Data Scientists, serving more than 250 customers with campaigns targeting over 95 markets globally. 

We launched Relevance in 2013 with the goal to create a cutting-edge digital business & technology services provider and redefine the added value of performance marketing to a company’s growth and profitability. Today, operating at the intersection of science, marketing, and creativity, Relevance is the biggest in terms of budget managed (€50 million) digital agency in Greece and one of the best performing agencies in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) according to Facebook and Google. 

With a significant track record at the Google Innovation Awards, the company was officially named as Google Leading Partner in Video and Display Innovation for EMEA in 2018 and 2019. In 2021 Relevance became Google’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Partner of the Year.

What does Relevance offer? What value do you bring to the clients and partners?

At Relevance, we leverage the power of technology to establish profitable relationships that bring brands and customers closer. Our main focus is Digital Transformation, Performance Marketing & Growth Consulting while we offer a variety of services including Analytics and Data Science, Paid Search Marketing, Display, and YouTube Advertising, Search Engine Optimization Services, UI/UX Design, and E-business Consulting. 

With the aim of building fruitful long-term partnerships based on the principles of mutual trust and transparency, Relevance stands out for the high level of customization and support to address the needs of its clients and the deep knowledge and expertise of its team along with strategic flexibility. Our clients include startups, local market leaders as well as multinational companies such as AVIS, BEAT, Unicef, Kafkas, ICAP, Βιοιατρική, Porche, Jumbo, Stoiximan/Betano, Zakcret, Mothercare, NAK Shoes, Hondos Center, Plaisio, Coffee Island, Celestino, Agnotis, Apifon. We are very proud and honored to report an average customer retention rate of 96% year-over-year while many of Relevance's digital marketing campaigns have been distinguished internationally; most recently Meta and Tik Tok recognized our campaign with BΕΑΤ LATAM as a global success story as presented on their websites.

What would you consider to have been your biggest challenge so far?

Growth through Human Capital.

The COVID-19 pandemic provoked long-term alterations in our lives and the way we do business, accelerating the digital transformation of brands and leading to a surge in online business that experienced years of accelerated growth in just a few months. Many of our clients had to reconsider their business model, and we needed to act fast, be agile, uncover opportunities and ensure their success by adapting to new priorities. Two years ago due to the pandemic, the way people worked, consumer demands, and clients' goals changed almost overnight. At that stage, we did decide to create an agile and inclusive ecosystem that put our people at the forefront of every decision We adjusted our strategies to protect their health and wellbeing, maintain the team spirit and enhance their personal and professional development without missing the excitement factor on our daily activity. At the same time, as we grow quickly, talent acquisition is a key focus priority. At Relevance, we put a strong emphasis on new recruits, and we hire for attitude and train for skill, considering cultural fit a priority.

What are the biggest learnings from your journey so far?

In one sentence: Great vision without great people is irrelevant. 

As all industries navigate various transitions in today’s unpredictable business environment, a strong team and agility are the keys to overcoming barriers, acting faster, and being resilient and relevant. Our team consists of people with diverse backgrounds whose values align with the company’s culture. Relevance invests in creating an inspiring work environment in which equality, open communication, trust, and adaptability to change are core principles that foster inclusive collaboration and encourage each member to excel by guiding and being guided. 

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