Interview with Yiannis Lymperopoulos CEO and co-founder of ENEXAN


Ioannis Lymperopoulos is an electrical and computer engineer with significant experience in next generation energy systems. He has worked with ABB's Corporate Research Center and Future Labs, and played a pivotal role in developing AI-powered solutions for the next generation of products, power systems, robotics, and automation. He holds a PhD. in Stochastic Dynamical Systems from ETH and is interested in machine learning techniques to optimize energy systems, including buildings, batteries, electric vehicles, and power grid services. He founded ENEXAN and is currently serving as CEO, a company that drives innovation in the energy sector, shaping its future with AI centric software solutions. We met with Yiannis and talked about his work and learnings. Here's what he told us:


Tell us a few things about Enexan. How did it all start? How did you discover the market opportunity for your technology, and where are you today?

ENEXAN was an idea created during deep dives with co-founder Yorgos Darivianakis, a PhD holder from ETH and colleague since our ABB years,  when thinking about the potential impact of AI technology on the next generation of energy markets.

As the energy sector grows increasingly dynamic and complex, decision-making requires considering various factors such as regulations, financial performance, technical limitations, and volatile energy markets. Integrating these elements into a comprehensive solution demands significant human time and effort. Fortunately, machines and AI excel in this domain. AI efficiently manages complex, multilayered tasks, allowing humans to concentrate on high-level decision-making where their expertise and judgment are most impactful.

At ENEXAN, we seized the market opportunity and created an AI-powered software platform that streamlines and automates decision-making. We wanted to empower energy professionals to make informed and strategic decisions, leading to enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in the industry. Our platform has been widely adopted by prominent utilities in Greece, Eastern Europe, and Switzerland, enabling them to design intricate digital twins of advanced energy systems and simulate future operations with remarkable foresight.


How do you differentiate from other similar offers in the market? What value does Enexan bring to the clients and partners?

ENEXAN stands out in the market by combining the power of AI and first-principles models. Our cutting-edge approach captures engineering knowledge and critical data insights, uncovering hidden opportunities in energy systems. Beyond technical simulation and financial forecasting, our platform integrates legal developments, ensuring compliance and optimization throughout the project lifecycle.

What distinguishes us is the capability of our AI to function across various energy markets, enabling our assets, particularly renewables with integrated batteries, to harness lucrative revenue-stacking opportunities.

With ENEXAN, clients and partners gain access to a dynamic digital twin that accompanies projects throughout their lifetime, empowering proactive decision-making. We help clients navigate complexities, make strategic decisions, and achieve long-term success.


You are a Greek company established abroad with operations and customers in Greece. This is a model that we see often among Greek startups. How does this work for you? Tell us about the experience.

Establishing ENEXAN as a Greek company abroad with operations and customers in Greece has been a strategic advantage for us. The booming energy sector in Greece has attracted global attention, providing us with significant opportunities. While competition is fierce, with everyone striving for a competitive edge, ENEXAN has found its positioning in the market.

We have expanded our customer base to include Central and Eastern Europe, but our operations in Greece have been particularly remarkable. Greek customers have shown enthusiasm and thirst for the potential of technology. Technology and innovation are still seen as exciting and not taken for granted, creating a receptive environment for our solutions.

Digitalization has transformed Greece, allowing us to efficiently perform many tasks remotely from our base in Zurich, Switzerland.


What would you consider to have been (or are) your biggest challenge so far?

Our biggest challenge so far has been earning the trust and acceptance of our clients in adopting our sophisticated AI-powered software solution.

However, as clients began to recognize the reliability and comprehensive insights offered by our AI tool compared to traditional engineering approaches, their confidence grew exponentially. Once they experienced the benefits firsthand, their demand for our technology increased significantly.

It was a challenge to scale up and handle numerous and larger projects with high stakes and critical responsibilities. To overcome this, we leveraged process automation and our talented team of professionals.


What are the biggest learnings from your journey so far?

Firstly, building a strong product is of paramount importance. Secondly, perseverance is essential for running a successful business. Thirdly, focusing on operational excellence and delivering a compelling solution is more important than spending excessive time on presentation materials. While a well-crafted presentation may open doors, ultimately, the product, the solution, and the team determine success. I would suggest replacing preparation time for presentations with a focus on creating a unique value proposition and a clear concept, which is more advantageous. Lastly, it's important to remember that technology is just one component; a company will be judged on various aspects beyond technology alone, such as the capacity to deliver, adaptability, and persistence.


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