The main objective of the Working Group for cleantech & climate tech is to improve the participation of Greek producers and manufacturers in international value chains, in the new energy market propelled by the Green Transition. Greece must play to its strengths and competitive advantages. The development of the Hydrogen economy, the Carbon Capture technologies (CCUS), and the exploration of renewable energy sources present a unique opportunity for Greece. The key drivers for change are policy reforms, increasingly available funding for critical and sustainable infrastructures, and the growing importance of software in energy management. Greece, being part of the intranational economic bloc EU and enjoying an abundance of renewable energy sources, has a strong comparative advantage. Local actors can play an important role in the national transition to a green economy. To this end, industry and academic collaboration can help Greece unlock its full potential.

Individual objectives of the Cleantech / Climatetech WG are:

1. strengthening research, innovation, and entrepreneurship in select technology sectors of energy (cleantech) and the environment (climate tech).
2. fostering partnerships among Greek companies that invest in energy, innovative startups/scaleups, universities, and research centers, utilizing research infrastructure, and developing collaborative projects.
3. Connecting local players with international companies and funds that can finance the following stages of the research, develop collaborations, and/or implement investments.

Membership of the Group is free

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