Healthcare & Lifesciences


Healthcare and life sciences emerge as critical sectors with strong entrepreneurial potential for the country. The growth of the sector is visible in the local entrepreneurial activity, the investment plans of Greek pharmaceuticals, and the strategic interest of global pharma giants in the country. The main objective of the Working Group for healthcare and life sciences is to turn the entrepreneurial and scientific capacity of the country into an extrovert vibrant industrial sector and help the Greek industry and enterprises to seize the contemporary opportunities for internationalization and growth. There are significant opportunities in areas such as clinical trials and research, digital health, drug development, and computational technologies. 

Individual objectives of the healthcare and life sciences WG are:

1. Strengthen research and innovative entrepreneurship in the healthcare and life sciences.
2. Develop partnerships among the local pharmaceutical industry, public and private hospitals, startups, universities, and research centers. Exploring synergies between research infrastructures in universities, research centers, hospitals, and the industry can become a key driver for growth.
3. Improve the outreach of local players to international pharma and biotech companies that can provide funding, business development support, and increased R&D investments. 

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