Investments in Innovation December 2023


Philip Morris International CEO Jacek Olczak expresses the multinational's intention to continue investing in Greece, with a €700 million investment programme from 2017, as the role of its subsidiary Papastratos in the new era is "key" for the company.


The Japanese giant NTT DATA plans further dynamic expansion with new investments in Greece. As stated by Mr. Evangelos Konstantinis, CEO of NTT DATA Greece, the company today 1.5 years after the launch of its operation in Greece has 120 people in its workforce with the goal is to reach 400 employees by 2026. The goal for the Greek branch is to achieve a growth rate of 15% in 2023 and to become an employer that provides career opportunities, creates added value and strengthens local economies in Greece. 


Heracles Group, the largest cement producer in Greece, is entering the circular economy dynamically, having already completed the carbonization phase. The key points of the Group’s strategy are the use of new raw materials, alternative fuels and carbon capture. The planned investments near 600 million euros from 2024 to 2027.


A highly ambitious strategic plan for the development of cutting-edge semiconductor technology (chips) in Greece is underway by the Ministry of Development. Its central objective is to create the conditions, through incentives and separate policies, for the country to become an investment destination and an island of innovation in semiconductor chip design and a strong digital base in South-Eastern Europe over the next five years.

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